National Metrics

Since the dawn of the web

The technologists at National Metrics have been helping businesses compete in the digital marketplace for nearly two decades.

National Metrics is now a DIALECT company. This site is for archival purposes only.

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The National Metrics Story

National Metrics is one of the oldest internet marketing firms in the United States. In 1996, its predecessor, Corporate Cosmetics was founded by Paul Geller, a teenage coder and Internet enthusiast. With three rules in mind he developed a business model that first served enterprising Internet pioneers and now the digital marketing needs of small businesses upwards of $100 Million in revenue per year. They are: 1) Stay small and agile. 2) Take risks on new technology. 3) Support your customer’s business first and your own second.

In the tumultuous industry of internet marketing service providers, National Metrics has remained a stalwart of the old guard, delivering consistently superior experiences while maintaining a leader-of-the-pack commitment to bleeding-edge technologies.

"We like to think of ourselves as an old company with classic values, even for the Internet generation, but the truth is that we are only getting younger."

- Paul Geller […]

Applied Sciences

National Metrics specialize in first-to-market offerings and have pioneered technologies and processes that set our clients apart.

Designed for Digital

Designed for Demand

Our clients demand first-to-market experiences that are built for the social-web, even in the most vanilla of industries.

Search Research

Search Research

We built our business in the early days of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. Our clients not only benefit from our bleeding-edge technologies but our hands-on knowledge of search evolution.

Social Currency

Social Currency

Social Media campaign deployment and account management are the new SEO. But it takes expertise to balance the authority of the brand the need to leverage social currency in Search-dominated world.

Millions Managed

Tens of Millions Managed

We manage tens of millions of dollars in digital display advertising with companies like Google, Facebook, and 24/7 Real Media.

Content Provisioning

Content Provisioning

One of the most challenging aspects of marketing online is the creation and dissemination of interesting and engaging content. Our teams produce rich content that adds real value to your project.

Consultants for Hire

Fractional CMO

The National Metrics team members are at your disposal for an hourly rate as fractional CMOs in the office (New York or Vancouver) or remotely.They have specializations in design & identity, seo/sem, content provisioning, data mining, regulation compliance, digital display advertising and retargeting, project management, and social marketing.

Used And Trusted By Companies and Organizations all Around The Country

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